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If you have a question, start by checking if the answer is already in the FAQs.

If the answer is not in the FAQs, you can can contact us directly at the following email address:
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You can use the following phone number only in case of emergency.

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FreeStyle Libre - Technical problem

If you have a technical issue with the FreeStyle Libre, you can contact the Abbott customer service directly.

FreeStyle Libre contact form
Customer service calls can be taken and stored by Abbott on servers in the USA. By using 0800 804 404, you accept this procedure.

Medical advice

For medical advice regarding the glucose sensor and your glucose curves ONLY, please contact:

English- and French-speaking physician

Dr. Jardena Puder
Senior Physician, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Service
Please, use the following subject email title :
[Food & You participant]